Hartman's Corn Maze

and Zombie Paintball Hunting

7941 Blue Springs Parkway, Mosheim, TN 37818 - Phone: 423-422-4836 .

Zombie Paintball Hunting

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Bruce and Zombie on the truck     In 2016 we introduced some new targets and animatronics at the Zombie Village Paintball Hunting. You can set your sights on the animatronic Zombies in the daytime hunts and once you are confident with the weaponry, you can join us on one of the evening hunts which includes some "live" zombies in addition to the animatronics.  Or you can start right off with Nighttime hunts beginning September 25 and the hunts will run every Friday and Saturday night until October 31.

Live Zombies every Friday and Saturday Night    You board our 5 ton military vehicle and trailer with paintball  guns mounted to the truck and trailer. As you ride through the Zombie grounds you fire on the Zombies. The daytime hunts you hunt all animatronics Zombie, the evening hunts add a few "live" zombies to make it even more interesting.

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View our current video
The 2016 Fourth Week Zombie Video is available here

Full HD 1080p mp4 version - 270 mb
Full HD 1080p Windows Media version - 231 mb
Mobile phone Versions
Apple/mp4 version - 10 mb
Windows/Android version - 40.6 mb
If you have any issues with video,
 we also have a copy on our Facebook page
 that formats to your device when you click it

All our videos are available in the Photo Gallery


     Costs are $10.00 for 75 shots during the Daytime hunts and
$17.00 for 100 shots during the Nighttime hunts. Both version will have refills for $5.00 per 50 shots 

    And to make sure you can hit the Zombies, we are going to offer a shooting gallery open every day during our regular business hours,  beginning October 1 through October 31. the Shooting Gallery is priced at $5.00 per 50 shots

Our initial 2015 Zombie Hunt Trial
Photo OP for a handful of interested Hunters

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  • Corn Maze/Hay Ride
     - $?.00
  • Hay Ride Only
     - $?.00
  • Haunted Maze & Hay Ride
     - $?.00
  • Haunted Hay Ride Only
     - $?.00
  • Paintball Shooting Gallery
     - $?.00/?? shots
  • Daytime Zombie Hunt
     - $??.00/?? Shots
  • Nighttime Zombie Hunt
     - $??.00/?? shots
  • Refills - $?.00/?? shots

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You can't hit me pilgrim, I double dog dare you to try . . .
You can't hit me pilgrim,
I double dog dare you to try . . .

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Zombie Paintball Hunting