Hartman's Corn Maze

and Zombie Paintball Hunting

7941 Blue Springs Parkway, Mosheim, TN 37818 - Phone: 423-422-4836 .


  1. How large is your maze?
    A 8 Acres, over 256,000 corn plants
  2. Do you sell Pumpkins
    Yes Pumpkins, Gourds, Indian Corn & Fall Decorations
  3. What is the Design this year
  4. Do you offer field trips for school students
    Yes we have retired school teachers that make the experience educational;
  5. Do you offer discounts for groups
    Yes, groups of 20 or more are $1 off admission, with the exception of the haunted maze
  6. What if i get lost in your maze
    Call the phone number on your map and we will come an get you
  7. Do you have food and drinks for sale
    Yes - We have a Concession stand open on Friday and Saturday Nights with Hot Dogs, Nachos, chips, candy bars and caned drinks
  8. Can we pay for our outing online
    Yes - click Right Here and pay with your Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfers from your savings or checking account  and eChecks,. We accept, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  9. Can we make a reservation for our group
    Yes, we accept reservations via Phone at 423-422-4836
  10. Do you have any Job Openings
    Apply for any opening we may have here


  • Corn Maze/Hay Ride
     - $8.00
  • Hay Ride Only
     - $5.00
  • Haunted Maze & Hay Ride
     - $12.00
  • Haunted Hay Ride Only
     - $6.00
  • Daytime Zombie Hunt
     - $10.00/150 Shots
  • Nighttime Zombie Hunt
     - $20.00/150 shots
  • Refills - $5.00/50 shots

NOTICE: Closed Monday through Wednesday, except for Scheduled School Groups.

decorative horizontal rule - 3 ears of corn

Come out and get Cornfused

decorative horizontal rule - 3 ears of corn

Zombie Paintball Hunting